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Physicians Training

Age Management Training

Your path to the next medical paradigm starts with Physician Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine—hailed by attendees as "one of the most valuable learning experiences since medical school."

You'll work beside educators and researchers who are recognized in our specialty—and learn sound science and ethical business models to better achieve long-range success.

  • 52 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
  • Online home-study begins immediately
  • 6-day training (with clinical) at Cenegenics® Las Vegas
  • Actual case studies/situations reviewed in problem-solving round table discussions
  • Extensive literature-based support
  • Online exam for certification, done from your home or office
  • Introduction to a Cenegenics Fellowship

What You'll Learn

Delve into the scope, theory, and practice of age management medicine and get clinical training based on evidence-based medicine, gaining experience with clinical evaluations and patient management,then learn how to lay the foundation for your age management practice and how to make it grow.

  • Intro to age management medicine
  • Theory of an EHE
  • Hormones for men—from the literature and treatment modalities to the controversies
  • Hormones for women—from peri-menopause and menopause to assessments and controversies
  • Thyroid, growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin—from signs/symptoms to assessments, management and literature to controversies
  • Exercise—learn the importance of exercise prescription, the fundamentals of interpreting the VO2 and be introduced to resistance/anaerobic training practical applications
  • Nutrition—from low-glycemic approach and weight-loss specifics to practical application
  • Nutraceuticals—overview of common usage in age management medicine
  • Strategic thinking and motivation
  • Practice Development—didactic training to learn foundations of growing an age-management practice, proven methodology to facilitate rapport with patients to educate and guide them in opting for an age-management program

Outcome Objectives

  • Apply general concepts and specific components of age management medicine to your practice
  • Describe the role inflammation plays in disease development; implement appropriate care to prevent or mitigate it
  • Educate patients in the importance of exercise/fitness and develop plans to help them apply these concepts into their lifestyle and health management routines
  • Learn the fundamentals of an exercise prescription for patient care
  • Learn the methods of applying high-intensity interval training into an exercise prescription
  • Learn the importance of educating patients on low-glycemic/anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Learn the fundamentals of nutraceuticals and supplements in patient care
  • Learn how to conduct an EHE
  • Learn the fundamentals of interpreting DEXA, VO2 and correlating lab results
  • Learn how to formulate a treatment plan based on EHE results
  • Educate patients on the basics of female endocrine physiology, relating to health/wellness
  • Recognize and treat estrogen dominance
  • Recognize hypoandrogenism in men
  • Implement the age-management approach to hormone replacement therapy/menopausal hormone therapy (HRT, MHT) appropriately into patient care regimes including testosterone, DHEA, growth hormone and thyroid deficiency in men; testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, growth hormone and thyroid deficiency in women
  • Use the diagnostic and treatment concepts in males/females as a learning application tool for formulating similar programs in your practice
  • Implement age management medicine concepts into your practice; be able to determine the effectiveness of these programs with your patients
  • Understand the fundamentals of conducting effective consultations with potential patients
  • Know how to educate potential patients on the science of age management medicine
  • Know how to explain the program and its benefits to potential patients
  • Know how to answer questions about the program effectively
  • Know how to address any patient’s program concern to gain commitment
  • Know how to identify patients and how to network in your community to grow your practice
  • Learn more about transitioning into and completing a fellowship with Cenegenics