Age Management Medicine Education

Part 1: Introduction to Age Management Medicine

Part one is divided into nine self-study, web-based modules. These modules take approximately 15 hours to complete, provide the foundation for the Part two on-site training, and must be completed in advance.

The nine modules are:

  • Introduction to Age Management Medicine
  • Nutrition in Age Management Medicine
  • The Role of DHEA Supplementation in Age Management Medicine
  • Hormone Modulation for Women
  • Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Testosterone Modulation for Men and Women
  • The Evidence-Based Exercise Prescription
  • Growth Hormone Evaluation of the Aging Adult

After these modules are complete, you will transition to Part 2 of the Age Management Medicine Training Program.

Physicians speak about age management…

"[Age management medicine allows me to] offer my patients more treatment options because I am able to intervene earlier to prevent or modify what will become a chronic disease."

– C.B. Daniel, MD

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