Age Management Medicine Education

Part 3: Post-Competency Evaluation

The last portion of education is the evaluation where you will be tested to ensure you can:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the basic science of Age Management Medicine
  • Implement Age Management Medicine concepts into your practice
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of hormonal replacement therapy in the aging female
  • Evaluate appropriate therapeutic interventions in the treatment of the aging male
  • Assess for hypoandrogenism in men

certificate of completion

Upon successful completion of Parts One, Two, and Three of the Physician Education in Age Management Medicine, participants will receive an elegant 8” x 11” parchment, suitable for framing.

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Physicians speak about age management…

"[Age management medicine allows me to] offer my patients more treatment options because I am able to intervene earlier to prevent or modify what will become a chronic disease."

– C.B. Daniel, MD

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