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“One of the most valuable learning experiences since medical school.”

There’s a lot you can take advantage of with Age Management Medicine. That also means there are a lot of pieces that you need to get a handle on.

Your path to the next medical paradigm starts with the accredited Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging course.

You’ll work beside educators and researchers who are recognized in our specialty—and learn sound science and ethical business models to better achieve long-range success.

What you will walk away with

  • Online home-study begins immediately
  • 5-day clinical education course hosted in Las Vegas
  • Actual case studies/situations reviewed in problem-solving round table discussions
  • Extensive literature-based support
  • Online exam for certification, done from your home or office

Take advantage of this highly regarded medical learning opportunity now.

Physicians speak about age management…

"[Age management medicine allows me to] offer my patients more treatment options because I am able to intervene earlier to prevent or modify what will become a chronic disease."

– C.B. Daniel, MD

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